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cisco brothers furniture

Cisco Brothers Essentials Collection 20% off Regular Cisco Brothers Prices| Earn Points & Free Shipping Shop Now at Blue Hand Home. Cisco Brothers Essentials Collection Designed For Value And Simplicity. Most Popular Among Cisco Brothers Frames And Fabric Selection.  Blue Hand Homes Mission Is Providing Your Family With Healthy, Chic And Uncomplicated Luxuries. 

Why Inside Green? The worst offenders in furniture production is in the cushions and pillows, almost all are filled with foam sprayed with a chemical flame retardant; Chlorinated Tris. required by the Bureau of Home Furnishings. The major flaw in flame retardants; they don’t stay in the foam. With movement; air (and chemicals) from inside the cushions are pumped out into our homes. Recent studies by Duke University, name Chlorinated Tris as a health concern with a range of negative affects for adults and pets but most severe threat is to toddlers, children and pregnant mothers. Inside Green avoids the use of Chlorinated Tris by crafting furniture from non-synthetics material like wool and natural latex Family Owned And Made In The USA Cisco Brothers Has Woven, Organic Latex, Wool, And Feathers And Down, Into The Peace Of Mind Offering The Rare Comfort Of Body And Mind. Cisco Brothers - For Life. Cisco Brother Available At Blue Hand Home In Store And Online
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