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At My Grandmother's Table

At My Grandmother's Table

A joyful, practical celebration of the truth that some of life’s sweetest memories are created around Grandmother’s table.

When times were lean, southern grandmothers gave what they had—fresh vegetables or fruit from their land, eggs and dairy from their chickens and cows, or meat from their husbands’ hunt. Or they prepared food and shared it by offering it to those in need or by hosting folks in their homes. So much of what they knew and taught us about love and friendship started in their southern kitchens.

At My Grandmother’s Table pays homage to those memories with the flavors that will take readers right back to her table with dishes such as:

• Memaw’s Strawberry Salad
• Christmas Sweet Potato Pudding
• Banana Butterscotch Bread
• Scripture Cake
• Shoofly Pie
• Old Fashioned Cream Pie

Just as Faye Porter’s At My Grandmother’s Knee celebrated Grandmother’s kitchen and the sweet memories that were created in it, this new collection of stories and recipes also comes from some of the luckiest people around—the grandchildren of southern ladies who knew how to cook.

About the contributor(s):

Faye Porter is the author of At My Grandmother's Knee, a collection of recipes and stories from women of the South. She was born and raised in the Midwest, but says Nashville is her favorite place to live. This is her second book.