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Women Who Write Are Dangerous

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Women Who Write Are Dangerous

A sequel to the best-selling Women Who Read Are Dangerous, presenting portraits and profiles of fearless women writers past and present

Writing has not always been considered a suitable career for women. Indeed, it was once common for women authors to adopt a masculine pseudonym in order to be taken seriously. And even today, some women writers still struggle to obtain the same recognition that is given to their male counterparts. Nevertheless, women throughout the ages have overcome these obstacles to create literature of enduring importance.

This attractive book brings together paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs of some fifty outstanding women authors, from Mary Wollstonecraft, Jane Austen, and George Sand to Dorothy Parker, Simone de Beauvoir, and Toni Morrison. Each image is accompanied by an engaging commentary on the writer depicted, discussing the highlights of her career and the major themes of her work. Full of insight and inspiration, this is the perfect gift for any woman who writes.

About the contributor(s):

Stefan Bollmann, author of Abbeville's best-selling Women Who Read Are Dangerous, lives in Munich.

Francine Prose, author of sixteen books of fiction, lives in New York City.